Malfunction is a disease.
Meet the cure
Photovoltaic Inverter repairs
All types. Fast diagnosis. Fast repair.
Repair workshop in the center of Greece.
Custom service solutions.

Guaranteed repairs. Every time. Every brand.

All type of electronics. Fast diagnosis & fast repair.
Photovoltaic inverters, electronic boards, industrial electronics, marine electronics, automotive electronics, military electronics, medical electronics.
Warranty and logical prices
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Damages are shadows. By solving them we move forward together, knowing that shadows make the light brighter.

Repair workshop in the center of the country

Geographically, our repair workshop is located in the center of the country, on the border of Thessaly and Macedonia, which means easy access from all places of the country.


Knowing that your equipment is a key tool in your production, we do everything possible to reduce repair time. And we are really fast.

Fast and guaranteed repair of all brands